Unintentionally—and presumably just because I worried a lot about submitting site maps to Google and other search engines—The Stop Button had great SEO back in the mid-to-late aughts. It’s more concerning eBay and Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes didn’t have better SEO than I had good SEO. I just picked a random post—Above and Beyond—and my post is now on page eight of the Google results. I even used a TunnelBear VPN and private browsing to confirm Google didn’t know it was me and promote my own site to me. I wonder if I cause WordPress’s WordAds to tally on my own visits. I assume they’re smart enough to turn the tallying off for me. Though they definitely don’t turn off the ads. But it led to a lot of traffic in the olden days. I never really thought about it, my goal—starting way back in undergrad—was to get listed on MRQE, which was another good source of traffic and I think it’s how Matthew Hurwitz found the site (in the olden days), leading to years of collaboration. So, yay, SEO. I just wish I’d had Google Ads or something. But I never cared about leveraging traffic for advertising, even passive advertising like Google Ads. I did once cash out thirteen bucks I’d made in ad revenue, sometime in the late aughts, but long after I’d stopped using the platform. I just had never checked to see if I’d made anything. I did want The Stop Button to be somehow profitable, I just wasn’t willing to put in the effort. I only thought about it today because I’ve gotten two emails meant for some other “A Wickliffe,” just one who doesn’t know his email address. For a while, when I Googled my name—which I didn’t do a lot, it wasn’t like when a certain director of a RoboCop sequel would Google his name daily and I’d be able to see he got a result off The Stop Button—I’d be the first one to come up. Now it’s a doctor. A cardiovascular guy. Piedmont Hospital or something. Like The Andromeda Strain only not. This post might be the first one on Summing-Up where I didn’t find anywhere to go. It’s not a rant, it’s blathering, which is sort of unfortunate. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with longer posts for Summing-Up too. Longer posts, more movie references (a lot here), blathering. But Summing-Up doesn’t have any SEO, which was an intentional decision. Not the best one for exposure, but I’ve had—and still have—wonderful exposure on The Stop Button. Summing-Up is different though. SEO works for pieces, Summing-Up is a whole.

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