Late night exhaustion

I wanted a schedule for these posts. Four a day, one in the morning, one midday, one evening, one night. The night post is getting to me–though that earlier rambling post felt weird too–but the night post is the one where I feel like I should have the most to write about and don’t. The day is done. Mustn’t I have had thoughts today worth getting down, worth preserving. If I did, maybe they were lost. If I didn’t, maybe I should spend less time napping. Though it was a really good nap for some of it. Eventually I hit a point where I’m just too tired and I just don’t have enough energy to think. It used to be a real problem–in undergrad mostly–because I’d be trying to write fiction exhausted. No good comes from that practice. I’ll see it now when I fall asleep doing a movie response and it’s only a few seconds of unconsciousness but it breaks the stream. I’m nearly a month into the micro-blog project and I still haven’t got any idea what I’m doing with it. Not journaling, not blogging. Maybe I should’ve done one of the posts I’ve been avoiding. But I’m tired and I don’t want to think poorly. Thinking is exhausting, which is probably why so few people bother to think.

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