Revision processes

One of my big process developments writing the second novel had to do with scheduling. Not just the scheduling of writing, but the scheduling of revising. I knew I wanted to do vignettes, not just because it’d be easier to edit, but because it’d force me to do some exposition. I hate exposition. I really do. I can read it, but I had the process of writing it. So I forced myself into a system requiring some exposition every time. I also had this layered revision schedule. A drafted vignette in a day–when it comes to plotting, I need to work out the pacing without much interruption. Another thing I hate about my process. Next six days heavy revising that vignette, but also light editing the one from the week before. I had more major changes in the revisions of the second novel than I had even minor ones in the novel I wrote during my MFA. And I rewrote an entire third of that one. Lots of big tweaks to the second novel. Lots more to come too. But it’s not my most active project right now–Summing-Up is my biggest project right now. More the Maugham commentary but still, it’s more intensive than The Stop Button has been in years. Comics Fondle used to have a lot of intensity too–back when I was posting three or four comic responses a day–and Summing-Up is still more. But its revision process can’t just be some kind of–well, some kind of summing up at the end of the year. Wokka wokka. It needs to agitate more often. So every month on the twentieth, I’m going to read the previous month’s posts. Sort of a way to focus better.

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