Media consumption

I walked into the other room, which always has a closed door to keep the cats out because they’ve proven themselves untrustworthy, and a rush of cold air hit me. It felt like walking into a motel room with blaring AC. That feeling also corresponds to watching movies. What’s better than being a kid and seeing some great movie for the first time when in a motel? The whole point of every motel having HBO is to give us regular folk that special feeling, which you can try to recreate with your own monthly subscription. Does it work? I don’t know. I’ve never had HBO. So I have a nostalgia for that viewing environment. Would I try to recreate it? Maybe? I know there are times when I do go as dark in the room as possible when watching something and other times I really don’t care. I fully disagree with David Lynch on many topics, like Dune being acceptable at all and his anti-smartphone viewing platform rant. If you can watch CinemaScope on an iPhone and comprehend all the visual information you need to comprehend, more power to you. I need at least an iPad. It forces you to watch differently to get to the same reasoning. Watching vs. seeing. Will I some day be nostalgic for watching movies on my iPad? Maybe. But I don’t do it anymore. I used to do it all the time. Now the smallest screen I watch on is an old 24-inch iMac. After years without a regular TV, having one again has completely changed my viewing habits. I haven’t even developed reading habits since getting my MFA. I’ve read, but not constantly like I did when I had established reading habits. Writing habits change. Music habits. Technology and circumstance change them. They change each other. But movie watching environments are the only ones I get nostalgic about, because they’re somehow more communal. I remember my mom and I reading books in the lobby of the old Starved Rock lodge and it was awesome but it’s not something I can recreate at all. Probably not even the book because I was probably reading Roald Dahl and I’m not doing those books again unless I’m getting paid to write about them. But I can generally recreate the viewing environment of watching a movie in the variety of ways I’ve watched movies throughout my life. Pretty sure turning out all the lights has been in video store advertising since before Blockbuster. It’s not about finding the best viewing solution, it’s about finding the ideal one. And reading, music listening, comic books, magazines, the Web, whatever. They’ve all changed a lot in the last ten or fifteen year. They’re usually little changes, but they’re momentous when compared to the previous changes. VOD is a much bigger idea than home video. It’s part of home video, but it changed things more than VHS did. 

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