Lunch ladies smoking

There’s a school nearby and sometimes when I drive past, I’ll see what appears to be the lunch ladies—based on the uniforms—out at a picnic table smoking. It’s a funny sight; it’s an elementary school, after all, and the picnic table seems to be so far away from the building it’s out there for the minimum legal distance for smoking around an elementary school. The first time I saw the lunch ladies out smoking it was after lunch—I’ve since seen them smoking before lunch (though maybe after the kids get breakfast)—and I couldn’t help but think they were probably the cool bad girls in high school who went out and smoked and never got busted for it. I smoked for a while in high school, but never at high school or during the school day. I don’t want to get into that story. It’s pretty dumb and nothing I can say about it is going to make it sound any better. It’s not like I was watching Robert Mitchum movies practicing how to hold my cigarette and look cool. But then I realized, looking at the lunch ladies out smoking, they today are still those cool bad girls who go out and smoke and never get busted for it. Only now it’s because the picnic table is however many feet from the school building.

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