Bad dreams

I had a couple bad dreams last night. Not nightmares, just dreams where the events went poorly for those involved. The first one was about us watching Twilight; the second one was about Superman fighting “Supergirl: The TV Show”’s villain Max Lord. I just yesterday found out the actor playing Max Lord was in Twilight. The vampire one, not the good one, not The Magic Hour. I can’t remember what made the first dream go bad—I mean, it was the movie, which was awful in ways I know the actual film isn’t. The second dream was all about Superman’s inability to cope with actual realities (I mean, DC will never have the stones to do Batman vs. cops who kill a black kid or Superman saving a black kid from being shot by killer cops). He tried, Superman did (in my dream), but he just couldn’t do it. There’s only so much a toon can do outside Toontown.

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