Potential poetry

There a number of subjects I want to cover at length for Summing-Up. I really want to cover the editing process of my second novel after two years away from it, but that one is contingent on some other things. But I want to talk about New York and my (still present) fascination with it, but intellectually and viscerally. I sort of want to talk about the Castenada period, which I rarely think about but was about the closest to spiritual I’m ever going to get. I don’t even know if I’m spelling Castenada right. And wasn’t he a rapist? He was something bad, but his writings had great effect on me in my late teens. More Maugham, of course. I forgot the third topic, but there definitely was a third one I came up with. I got lost thinking about novel revisions and when I’ll be ready to start that effort. I wish I could write cat poems. I never got into poetry. Undergrad writing was very poetry vs. fiction. I fully embraced the latter. I miss writing poetry though. I had a great poetry professor when I did take it. He got me past all the crap high school and middle school poetry lessons had done to me.

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