Software update

It’s iOS upgrade day (even if upgrade connotes a payment, update is more like iOS 10.1 to me); all over the world, all different kinds of people are unified in this experience. I’m not sure what it was like for Mac people in the nineties, but for Windows people—back when I was one of those, a Gateway lad, then a Dell teen (at least I think, I’ve blocked it from memory save the Gateway, which were at least pleasantly designed)—the one “exciting” upgrade moment was Windows 95. It was going to make you love using your computer again. Start me up. I’ll never stop. On a blue screen of death. I love hearing that song on my Apple Music playlist. I was going into senior year when Windows 95 came out. If I had friends—I mean, I had at least two, but I mean at school… so one I’m sure of, I can’t remember any others—but if I had acquaintances interested in the update, they were few. Oh, wow—a friends vs. acquaintance post. Maybe someday. Right after the ol’ boy/ol’ girl and yeh/neh posts. But it wasn’t a big exciting thing. And once I went to the Mac, I immediately discovered Mac users—even the most casual ones—were more interested in how they worked their computers and how their computers worked with them. So is iOS upgrade day a move toward a beautiful world, like if Apple suddenly hired that “I’d like the buy the world a Coke” ad firm? I don’t know. But it’s a move towards something. Something not terrible, though I’m not a fan of having to turn off predictive typing in the keyboard. It’s a proof of concept. The world can unite, but only when it’s about our physical stuff.

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