Roald Dahl was an anti-semite

It’s Roald Dahl day. That news greeted me when I woke up and read some Twitter. Went for a run, had breakfast, checked in on Twitter again and someone had found some disgusting—you know, let’s just use the word deplorable—quotes from Dahl about Jewish people. You can look them up but they’re of the “Hitler was right to…” variety. So he was that gross. Just over a week ago, I posted about childhood favorite books and how I have all my Roald Dahl books from childhood and will I ever read them again. We just watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (for Gene Wilder, not Dahl, but still). I’m not Jewish, I’ve already said I haven’t read him in years (and really don’t plan to now unless I’m paid for it), I don’t own any stock in the Roald Dahl Nominee Limited or the related charities—though I hope they do give moneys to anti-discrimination causes. Their official website landing page has an advertisement for The Twits, which is a catalog of anti-semitic tropes. Again, you can Google it. I’m sure someone out there has known for years about Dahl—his sympathetic Hitler interview was from 1983—but without the Internet, it’s just if you came across that information. I thought the interview was from earlier, which would have given him the chance to reproach himself. But he died in 1990. So Happy Roald Dahl Day. He thought Hitler was a problem, but not so much for wanting to kill Jews (which for me brings up Hitler’s surprise the incredibly anti-Semitic United States of the 1920s and 1930s would have a problem with him). Have a Wonka Bar.

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