Missed posts

I’m almost done with my one week punishment of five posts a day instead of four on Summing-Up. Back when I did a week of trial posts, which a handful of people got a look at, I planned on keeping topics on hand so I’d always be able to write a post if I needed one. I don’t know how long past the actual start of the blog that idea lasted, but I think it was less than two days. I expected it to be easy to come up with topics—I mean, the news today (of all days) certainly provides a lot of things to mull over, but I don’t know if I want to write about any of them. Sometimes you just want to eat baba ghanoush and watch “Supergirl.” Sometimes the brain needs a rest. I don’t think I’ve written about the World Trade Center—how much I wanted to see it as a kid, how I had to beg my dad to get it added to our New York trip itinerary even though it was so far away from where we were staying, how amazing it was to be in that lobby, architectural blandness or not. And I really don’t think I want to write about it today, because those memories aren’t about today. Maybe I will start a New York travelogue—I’ve scanned most of my old photo albums New York pictures, maybe I can reconstruct those childhood trips as best I can. New York, for me, was always the imagined New York. I never lived there; NYU didn’t want me (though Old Westbury took me, which might be a post). Anyway, another post down, two more to go. Maybe some baba and “Supergirl” will inspire greatness. Maybe it’ll inspire more of the above.

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