Dream notes

In one of my many questionable decisions, I joined the philosophy club in high school my junior year. My only takeaway from it twenty-one years later? If you write down your dreams immediately upon waking up, you have a better chance of remembering them. This anecdote is relevant because last night I had this amazing dream involving suspense and conspiracy and so on. Only when I woke up to write it down, I was still dreaming. I dreamt about telling my wife the dream, friends the dream, and I planned on writing it down immediately. I just didn’t have any paper in the dream and I thought it would all hold. Layered dreams still bother the heck out of me, they used to just be related to the alarm clock waking me up for school but now they’re disconnected from any outside stimuli. Having since woken up, I tried to recall all the awesome points in the dream and mostly failed. I sort of got the first act and pieces from the second and third, but not everything I promised myself I would remember. In a dream, anyway.

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