Social Anxiety

Over the last eight or nine months, I’ve slowly become aware I might have social anxiety issues. I’m in my late thirties. I assume I’ve had them most of my life. Some of the realization came from reading tweets from people who identify as having social anxieties and seeing a lot of similarities between their experiences and my own. There were undoubtedly many indicators but the ones in memory—seeing the ease my mom could speak to strangers in a supermarket line, or when my dad gave our extra free movie pass to some kid. I was an adult for both those examples. We had movie passes—I voted Star Wars Episode III, he voted Crash, he won, we both lost—and he gave the one spare to some random kid waiting in line at the theater. I couldn’t believe it. I did try to work through my social anxiety after seeing my MFA advisor’s ease with talking to people. I admired her ability to do it and tried mimicking it (obviously not telling her about it) to limited success.

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