How do you spell Ghidorah?

I feel like I’ve written about this subject in the past, but certainly not on Summing-Up and nowhere my Spotlight search can find (though do Spotlight searches really find anything anymore—does anyone, meaning the Apple press, acknowledge what a disaster Spotlight has become for file searching). How do you spell Ghidorah? As in King Ghidorah, the three-headed dragon who evil aliens tried to take over the world with and only Godzilla could stop them. My mom knew how to spell Ghidorah. Whenever I was a kid and I would ask her to spell a monster’s name—or Transylvania—she’d always know the correct spelling. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties (or thirties), I realized she must have sat down at some point and learned how to spell a lot of weird stuff just so I could ask her about it. Because phonetically spelling isn’t going to get you there with all those Toho kaiju.

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