Boogie Bear

Boogie Bear was my favorite stuffed animal as a baby and as a kid. Probably because he’s like three and a half feet tall and so I got to grow with him. He’s got a really big head—bigger than my adult head now, which isn’t a very big adult head and has never been a big head because I’ve never been able to wear baseball caps. He’s a Chicago Bears teddy bear, part of a giveaway in the late seventies through the bank my dad worked for. At least, I think that origin story is correct. Maybe he was a giveaway from some other place. He got an owwie on his neck—the stuffing showing through—and my mom fashioned a collar for him. This alternation wasn’t done in my childhood. It was done in my twenties. It was like my mom knew I’d need to keep Boogie Bear around. She was right.

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