The Narrow Corner, xx

The girl arrives this chapter. How do we know it’s the girl? Because Maugham takes two pages to describe her and I’m still not sure what she looks like. It’s a strangely structured chapter though. Maugham doesn’t open with Dr. Saunders and then when he needs him later to make observations, he has to shoehorn him in. The doctor doesn’t have anything to do but look around here. The captain talks to the plantation owner about being a seaman, which is sort of funny—the plantation owner is even more obnoxious than the captain—and then Fred the fugitive has a moment with the girl. Erik the Dane is basically there to introduce Fred to the girl. The girl’s father is there to kick off the plantation tour. There’s some nice description of the nutmeg plantation too. But the infrequent, if consistent, use of second person here—with the doctor’s fifth wheel inclusion—makes for some awkwardness.

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