I never wanted to have to wear glasses. My best friend had to get them and he once got in trouble–he lived across the street–because we were out playing and his mom saw him not wearing his glasses. It didn’t help I got those late eighties plastic frames from the vision insurance bin. It seemed so unfair. Neither of my parents wore glasses. When I was eleven, I desperately wanted Bruce Wayne glasses like in Batman ’89 with the hooks around the ears. No luck. In high school, my math teacher was my neighbor who’d known me since I was a kid and he didn’t put up with my no glasses wearing. I probably never did better in a math class than that one. Then I had to get contacts because of the glasses stigma, which I certainly hope kids don’t go through today. As an adult, I’ve even heard people go on about the importance of contacts versus glasses. I’m just hoping I’m not allergic to Retinax V.

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