I have a friend who hates comedies. He laughs at them, appreciates them, but he doesn’t like putting in the effort when it comes to comedy films. So many are either complete or partial wastes of time. It’s easy to recommend classic Hollywood comedies as alternatives, although there are handful of beloved classic comedies even I don’t get (I’ve tried watching Palm Beach Story three or four times and I still don’t get it). But as a kid in the eighties, I was socialized to revere comedies. Not by my parents, maybe not even by my closest friends, but just in general. It still goes on today—I remember hearing middle school students talk about the cinematic importance of Superbad some years ago. While there are some great comedies out there, the genre gets a bit of pass. Comedies getting that pass through the eighties and some of the nineties gave way to tentpole releases getting similar passes up through today. Then again, I’m the moron who once thought Seth MacFarlene’s approach was going to work.

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