They pronouns

Long before I had the gimmick for Summing-Up—which I don’t even think I got until I decided on a title for the blog when putting together the Patreon header—I talked to a friend of mine about whether or not to use “they” pronouns. I used they pronouns until college, when my freshman composition class—they called it CORE back then—beat it out of me. I remember when I was getting my MFA, someone wrote “s/he” on the board during an exercise and I flipped out. Things have changed since then. So I asked my friend, who’s a college professor, whether she thought “they” would eventually become the standard. She wasn’t sure, but I also decided I didn’t want to future-proof Summing-Up, I just didn’t want it to be exclusionary. It’s already exclusionary enough. The rantings of an almost middle-aged cishet white guy is exclusionary enough. I see a lot of anti-millennial stuff from people I wouldn’t expect it from and it’s disappointing. I remember being twenty-two and older people being dismissive of my immature views—the “Vietnam protestor” who was gung ho to invade Iraq for instance. We shouldn’t be that asshole. Younger people today have better access to better information than I ever did. Dismissing them is an intellectual disservice.

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