Missed posts

The idea for Summing-Up is simple—four posts a day of at least sixty-five words. I think I explain the word count constraint on the about page. I’ve regularly been going over sixty-five words, but I still wanted the four posts a day thing. But I only posted three times yesterday, meaning I’m behind at least a post. So do I do five posts today—not difficult given how fast I’m reading The Narrow Corner, which I can’t stop wanting to call The Narrow Margin—but it seems like a too fast remedy. Instead, doing five posts a day for a week as punishment. Writing as punishment. Generative writing as punishment. It’s a little much but Summing-Up is as much about establishing a practice of writing as it is about generating material or talking about W. Somerset Maugham’s work. So, beware, I may attempt cat poetry. It may happen.

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