Music writing

Over the years, whether as a student or as a not-profiting blogger–not to mention two completely drafted novels and a bunch of short stories–I’ve written about a lot. I never did journalism. I tried it in high school but it didn’t work out, mostly due to being abjectly disinterested in anything related to my high school. I’ve written about novels, short stories, history, art history, artists, whatever. But I’ve never written about music; I’ve always wanted to write about music, I’m just not a musically inclined person. We’re taking couples dancing right now and the instructor told me to start on the beat and my wife couldn’t stop laughing as the instructor kept waiting for me to start dancing. Like I was ever going to find the beat. I’ve had multiple “music” friends over the years–not currently, unfortunately–the people who get so excited talking about music you can’t help but share the enthusiasm. One of the things I wanted to do on a micro-blog was talk about music. Writing versus talking about (in writing) are different, of course; I figured I could handle talking about it. But not yet. I mean, how do you talk about a song in a concise way? The whole point of a song you love is transcendence. 

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