Casting news

Imagine how cool it must have been in 1936 or whenever Myrna Loy and Clark Gable were announced for Parnell, which I still haven’t seen and is supposed to not be very good but it’s Loy and Gable. You would have read about it in a newspaper or a movie magazine and had that film to look forward to seeing. Now casting news is usually singular, not about two people acting opposite one another. I read somewhere today Jena Malone and Josh Hartnett are making a movie together. It probably won’t be great. I’m crossing my fingers for good performances. But it’s been a while since I’ve been interested in a pairing of actors—I’m trying to remember and it’s not happening. Thor 3 sounds cool with the supporting cast but not in a way to make the movie potentially good. Actors having the power to make a mediocre script better, mediocre direction better. It’s not really a thing anymore but I grew up in the eighties when the actors made the project. Anyone else mortified to have been a James Woods fan until he lost it knows what I mean. He made some movies special thanks to his performance. I suppose Prisoners? Maybe? Everything after the diner scene in Heat has been downhill as far as male actors facing off. For male and female, it’s always more difficult—I remember looking forward to The Story of Us for instance—but, who knows, maybe the Jena Malone/Josh Hartnett project will rock.

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