False hopes and busy work

I’m not a fan of false hope. Though I do consider all hope to be in itself false. But I am a fan of busy work. A lot of tasks to complete. Turning everything into a task. “I gotta get organized.” The problem with applying other disciplines’ practices to writing is writing—not even editing—is always a easily controlled task. I’m not a fan of writer’s block, though I admit having it for fiction for the last few years—because I’ve been in the middle of editing only I gave up on editing. I’ve got some ideas for it but I’ve gone so long trying to rig the editing process, I haven’t been able to readjust. I keep meaning to, but it’s been hard to refocus. So having different kinds of busy work means more easily controllable tasks. Though I am just sorting papers for shredding, which is about as interesting as it sounds.

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