High dynamic range, or HDR, is coming to save television from 3D television. It makes the images look more like you remember them, full of color, full of detail. I like HDR. I mean, before it got on phones and it isn’t the same thing. But HDR is tech-y and we like tech on our phones, whether we need it or not. HDR does make the detail in my cats’ furs look stunning though. Only I didn’t start playing with HDR in 2016, I started in 2006 or 2008 or some time long ago as far as Internet tech fades go. HDR is a little fast for me. Lots of stuff is a little fast for me. I don’t care enough about it, even when I try really hard to care about it. I just lose interest. Creative software for the artistically inept isn’t ready. When I was a kid, I loved to draw but I knew I wasn’t going to put the effort into it early on. I didn’t want to learn figures—shading, yuck. I wish I’d been more patient. Writing instead. Casually writing. In 2016. Yuck.

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