I listened to two podcasts during my run this morning. I highly recommend them both. The first was an episode of Rocket. The second was an episode of Core Intuition. Both talked about the discontinuation of an app called Vesper. It was an iPhone note taking app. iOS note taking apps and distraction-free writing apps are one of my great weaknesses. I don’t even want to know how many I’ve owned over the years and I still rely on WriteRoom, which hasn’t been updated in ages because it’s near perfect. Just needs copy to HTML for Markdown. But every one of those apps promises something—maybe not WriteRoom and the true distraction-free environment—but otherwise they’re promising creativity. These apps are so great to use, with such great features, you’re going to do amazing work with them. You’ll throw your laptop away. Too much user experience when using a word processing application gets in the way of a lot of things. People composed a lot of perfectly good work in a Word document. Generative distance is just as important as narrative. More so. And a good editor is key.

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