Late night writing

I remember in undergrad my friend told me not to write tired—back when staying up all night writing seemed cool and not like something I’d loathe. I don’t miss tired fingers, when the skin gets dry and recedes. But sometimes one must write tired. When I fall asleep writing now I have these intense day dreams—I’m not fully asleep, it’s not REM (I’m light on my dream logic, been ages since I’ve seen Dreamscape)—it’s usually late at night and I’ll dream I put something in my dream in the draft and I won’t catch it. Only I never put anything weird in. I’ve already fallen asleep. I’ve written fiction with that method. It’s fun. Exhausting, but fun. Only I don’t want to fall asleep and miss the fourth post, which will likely be less interesting than this one. A week in and I’m still not sure what Summing Up is going to do. Get me to write about literature finally? I did have a moment I liked in the Narrow Corner post from earlier. I do know I have to read more. It can’t take a year to get through one Maugham novel. I wouldn’t get to The Summing Up.

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