Word count

If we make it until August 2017 and nothing bad happens and we all still have Internet, pay bills, like cat videos, and so on, the next “volume” of Summing Up may well have a silly intellectual effort. Just because this year is W. Somerset Maugham doesn’t mean next year can’t be “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.” Thinking about fandom is a depressing rabbit hole… And so ends my initial post, which was going to be something about bad fandom, good fandom, and misguided energies. Instead, I got bored with the subject. I’ve read the subject. Whatever Summing Up is going to be, it’s not going to be a place for zeitgeisty think pieces. It will be a place where I make up adjectives like zeitgeisty, however. But will it respect the whole word count philosophy? You don’t discard the writing, you keep it. Then, someday, it will come in handy. When I want to remember I wanted to watch “Amazing Friends.”

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