Reliable software

Every day–notice, space between every and day–people use software they hate using but love having. In the past, back when you were the only person you knew who couldn’t get Q&A Database to run anymore but you wanted that user experience back, it seemed like software frustration was something best kept to oneself. Now there are probably a thousand profitable websites based around nothing else. Nitpicking is one thing, but reliability is another. If I have to go one extra step in something I love to use, I will go that extra step. I do it every blog post with the exception of this blog’s. But if I can’t rely on it, if I couldn’t rely on the app to work when needed, I’d have to go to something else. To something I don’t like using, because its interface is unpleasant to me. I wonder, if nitpicking tech blogs hadn’t been the first thing online, where would the world be today? Would we all be sending each shitty haikus?

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