Talk Hard

It may come as a surprise, but I couldn’t stand the cell phone as a concept. I still don’t like the idea of the cell phone, I do like the idea of the smart phone. If they just branded it as something else. Having a personal Internet device on you at all times has changed the world and for the better. It’s maybe made the world a little scarier and a little less secure feeling, but those threats just weren’t widely acknowledged back then. We’ve supposedly been improving as a society but it appears more like we just worked out successful concealment systems. But everyone having a voice is a good thing, just like Hard Harry said it would. Talk Hard. Pump Up the Volume came out in 1990; it came out twenty-six years ago. The suicidal closeted gay teen, that horrifying sequence? It became a trope. It’s a hell of a scene. But it’s movie. Real people talking isn’t the same as a movie, it isn’t the same as a documentary even (because no one wonders into a documentary and gets something out of it, it has a target audience). Those damn kids today (stay off my lawn!) and their twitters, snapchats, whatevers… they figured out how to Talk Hard. Something the generation who originally saw Pump Up the Volume couldn’t do. Their idealism is inspiring and terrifying.

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