[FYI] Concept art from Jared Pelletier’s new project

Since Troops–and, hey, maybe even Hardware Wars–short fan films have been a thing; with better consumer video editing and the Internet for distribution, they’ve gone past being a zeitgeist into their own genre of short filmmaking. Though they do seem somewhat dismissed by the establishment. And they shouldn’t be dismissed.

For example, I watched Jared Pelletier’s Call of Duty: Final Hour last year on something of a whim–I’m not a big “Call of Duty” player–and was very impressed. My post is here but you can read it after watching the short itself on Vimeo.

Not at all surprisingly, the short has led to bigger things for Pelletier. While they aren’t ready to release all the news now, he did send over some concept art for the project. It looks pretty darn cool.

Pelletier is managed by Scott Glassgold of IAM Entertainment. The project is currently being developed by Frostbite Pictures (WME) and producers Jason Fischer (“Supernatural”), Mitch Cappe (Robocop, Total Recall) and Evan Stasyshyn (Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish).

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