Light and Dust (2012, Max Covill)

I forgot Light and Dust started with protagonist Casey McDougal narrating. The short only runs about five minutes, so there shouldn’t be a reason to forget first person narration except writer-director-cinematographer-editor Covill apparently forgets too.

Dust starts, then flashes back and catches up just in time for the finish.

The story concerns McDougal, who’s recently moved with controlling yuppie boyfriend Ryan Boudreau to Boston (no idea why Boston is demonized, but whatever… Covill never establishes their starting point), and her dreams of astronomy.

Covill’s in the “serious subject” school of video “filmmakers.” Yes, two quotation marked terms in one sentence. Sorry.

Because Dust is about something serious, it should get a pass. His lousy direction, bad writing, terrible acting from Boudreau (doing an Australian accent–maybe–and failing) should all get a pass. It’s about emotional abuse after all.

McDougal’s earnest but bad, just like Dust itself.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed, photographed and edited by Max Covill.

Starring Casey McDougal (Heather), Ryan Boudreau (Chris) and Shannon Haskins (Barista).

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