The Invincible Iron Man 13 (July 2009)

Whew, lucky timing.

The issue ends with Tony having a stroke as he’s erasing his brain and making himself dumber–Fraction did a terrible job explaining the brain as a hard drive thing, I didn’t think it’d started actually erasing yet but apparently it has.

He’s on the floor, whimpering for Pepper.

Luckily, she’s decided to throw caution to the wind, piss off Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. (don’t hurt ’em) and go find Tony.

Maria Hill finishes her adventure this issue. It’s really anticlimactic and turns out her whole story thread was a waste of time. But at least Fraction didn’t skip it and drag out other stuff.

I love Fraction’s writing on this book but I’m not sure it’s a good comic. Invincible basically started as the movie tie-in book and now it’s completely incomprehensible without reading every Marvel title.

As usual, great scenes, not at all filling.


World’s Most Wanted, Part 6: Some King of the World; writer, Matt Fraction; artist, Salvador Larroca; colorist, Frank G. D’Armata; letterer, Joe Caramagna; editors, Alejandro Arbona, Warren Simons and Joe Quesada; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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