Batman 347 (May 1982)

I love this issue. It’s heavy-handed to some degree–it’s two would be criminals trying to decide if they want to commit a crime in Gotham City and talking about Batman–and Slifer’s attempts at showing the socioeconomic toils on a population are… pedestrian, but it’s a great Batman story.

There are two stories the guys tell about Batman. One is just an effectively spooky one with him capturing some escaped convicts, emphasizing Batman from the criminals’–the hunted’s–perspective.

But the second one is about a group of militant arsonists (who are careful to only burn abandoned buildings) trying to get attention to their situation. Again, Slifer’s sociological attempts are a little trite, but the Batman stuff is fantastic.

The von Eeden and Marcos art is good–less ambitious than I hoped after the Catwoman backups they did together.

The other backups–quick mysteries–are inoffensive page filler.


The Shadow of the Batman; writer, Roger Slifer; inker, Pablo Marcos. The Impossible Murder!; writer, Robin Snyder; inker, Larry Mahlstedt. Artifact; writer, Snyder; inker, Mahlstedt. The Nervous Nephew; writer, Snyder; inker, Mahlstedt. Penciller, Trevor von Eeden; colorist, Adrienne Roy; letterer, John Costanza; editors, Dave Manak and Dick Giordano; publisher, DC Comics.

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