The Amazing Spider-Man 6 (November 1963)

Lee gets back on track (subtly developing Peter Parker too–the flirtations with Betty Brant at the Bugle give him the courage–apparently, it’s never pointed out–to ask Liz Allen out on a date), not just introducing the Lizard, but also sending Spider-Man to Florida. The comedy scenes with Peter and Jonah heading down are absolutely hilarious.

There’s a ton of story–besides the Lizard (and Peter’s high school science curing him), Lee has a museum action set piece (where Liz falls for Spidey). It’s nice to see he and Ditko work so much into one issue–though the alligator army is a little much. But the Florida trip gives Ditko a chance to draw differing environments.

The Lizard’s nickname is “Liz,” which I don’t think they kept, and Peter’s after a girl named Liz. Kind of strange.

Very good stuff.

Though Aunt May’s still not a character.


Face-to-Face With…the Lizard!; writer and editor, Stan Lee; artist, Steve Ditko; colorist, Stan Goldberg; letterer, Art Simek; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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