The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 1963)

Again, Lee goes an interesting route here. There’s no real introduction to the supporting cast yet–Aunt May’s in the issue, but the police chief has more effect (I don’t think Aunt May has any lines)–and Spider-Man’s still all about the benjamins. I’m not sure what rent was back in the 1960s, but he must have done pretty well with his pictures of the Vulture to pay a whole year of it.

Spider-Man’s still financially concerned–there’s one point where Peter Parker modifies his costume for the life of a costumed adventurer, but he’s really just making it better suited for using Spider-Man as a photographer. At one point during the Vulture story, I wasn’t sure Spider-Man cared if the Vulture was caught, so long as there was a picture.

The Tinkerer story is just sci-fi. Spider-Man doesn’t need to be in it.


Duel to the Death with the Vulture!; letterer, John Duffy. The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!; letterer, Art Simek. Writer and editor, Stan Lee; artist, Steve Ditko; colorist, Stan Goldberg; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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