Thor: Tales of Asgard 3 (August 2009)

Did Marvel get Matt Milla to recolor these stories to try to sell them to a broader audience (I mean, isn’t the trade just going to be a Thor product pre-movie release) or to try to make the Vince Colletta inks less horrific?

I want to talk about the stories, but… after reading this issue–the first with only Colletta inks throughout–a moment needs to be taken to talk about this subject. His inking reduces Tales of Asgard. There’s still Lee’s exuberance, still Kirby’s macro-enthusiasm, so it’s Colletta who makes it lesser.

There’s a story arc forming here, Thor and Loki on a quest, with Odin directing them (with a hidden motive). There’s also some “Loki as a Problem Child” stories and it’s hard to believe anyone would associate with him as an adult given the crap he’s pulled.

It’s nice stuff. Shame the art doesn’t hold.


The Boyhood of Loki!; letterer, Art Simek. The Golden Apples!; letterer, Simek. A Viper in Our Midst!; letterer, Simek. The Challenge!; letterer, Simek. The Sword In The Scabbard!; letterer, Simek. The Crimson Hand!; letterer, Sam Rosen. Gather, Warriors!; letterer, Simek. Set Sail!; letterer, Simek. Writer, Stan Lee; penciller, Jack Kirby; inker, Vince Colletta; colorist, Matt Milla; editors, Lee, Alex Starbuck, John Denning, Cory Levine and Mark D. Beazley; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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  1. We have a major difference of opinion, dude, because without Colletta’s inks, Asgard looks just like every other thick lined inker in the business. Look at some original issues, your opinion must be based on those crappy Marvel reprints. Vince Colletta’s inks on Asgard and Thor are a national treasure.

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