The Amazing Spider-Man 274 (March 1986)

The Beyonder and Mephisto place a bet on Spider-Man’s ability to sacrifice his personal wellbeing for others. How stupid a storyline is that one? It’s Spider-Man. The character’s entire premise is based on his personal misery.

It’s a mess of an issue, as the Secret Wars II crossovers are clearly straining the entire Marvel line at this point–the issue features more Beyonder than Spider-Man and more Mephisto than Beyonder. It’s inexplicable why this issue is even worth publishing, since it’s a done-in-one amidst a huge crossover (the status quo is returned at the end, with the possible exception of Peter Parker worrying about Christmas).

The art’s awful too–with four pencillers and three inkers. I like DeFalco’s work in general (or have on the previous two issues of Amazing), but there’s almost nothing going here–except the repeated assertion Peter doesn’t love Mary Jane.


Lo, There Shall Come a Champion!; writer, Tom DeFalco; pencillers, Ron Frenz, Jack Fury, Tom Morgan and James Fry; inkers, Joe Rubinstein, John Romita Sr. and Russ Steffens ; colorists, George Roussos & Co.; letterer, Joe Rosen; editors, Adam Blaustein and Christopher Priest; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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