Zorro 0 (September 1993)


Talk about an anachronism… McGregor’s got a line of dialogue about people in capes flying. Zorro takes place in the 1800s, which might be a little before Superman, but I’m not sure.

McGregor also does all his mountain man (the villain) dialogue in a Deliverance dialect, which is sort of effective, since it makes one worry for Zorro and his maintaining his manly virtue, but it’s otherwise awful.

The villain’s name is Buck Wylde, which… well, the joke’s too easy.

Mayhew’s art is okay… it’s hard to tell, really. McGregor’s plotting features a giant burly mountain man swinging through the air at one point and I guess Mayhew captures it. It’s interesting to see him (Mayhew) draw instead of do his cover thing, I suppose.

The biggest problem is Zorro’s basically a non-character in this issue, so it’s hard to even guess where the series is going from here.


Drink the Blood Straight; writer, Don McGregor; penciller, Mike Mayhew; inker, John Nyberg; colorist, Digital Chameleon; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Jim Salicrup; publisher, Topps Comics.

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