Marvels: Eye of the Camera 3 (March 2009)

Does Busiek have a point this time? This entire series seems pointless. It’s Anacleto, finally, drawing superheroes–not a lot of them, but some of them–and they look good and the comic looks good overall, but Busiek isn’t doing anything here. There’s nothing… pressing about this comic book. It’s completely by the numbers.

It’s so unspectacular, I don’t even remember what happened this issue. It ends with Spider-Man not trying to save the Hitman. It apparently takes place in the seventies, since the Punisher has just shown up, but there’s no seventies texture to it. Apparently, setting Marvels in a point in history is over now. It’s just the same as every other Marvel comic. Stuff happened a while ago. An indeterminate while ago. Like when Doctor Doom says many months ten years after an event. Sure, it’s many months….

Oh, man, this was four bucks an issue?


Shadows Within; writers, Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern; artist, Jay Anacleto; colorist, Brian Haberlin; letterers, Richard Starkings and Comicraft; editors, Jeanine Schaefer and Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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