Robocop 17 (July 1991)

Egads that’s bad.

I was all set to say nice things about the art, but then Candelario’s inks made that one impossible.

It’s a terribly written comic book. Besides having a really stupid plot, it’s just got the most atrocious dialogue imaginable.

As a sequel to Robocop 2, it’s somewhat interesting–and it does flesh out Lewis’s character more than the movies ever did, giving her a gambling addict ex-husband, which seems really weak for her character and not anything one would believe in anything but a licensed comic book. I think whoever oversaw Marvel’s treatment of the characters napped through this script review (at the time, I think Orion was going out of business, so maybe the liaison was busy).

It’s a painfully bad comic book, worse than any of the previous ones in fact. It might be the worst issue overall.

I really miss Alan Grant’s writing.


Private Lives; writer, Simon Furman; penciller, Lee Sullivan; inker, Harry Candelario; colorist, Gregory Wright; letterer, Ken Lopez; editor, Rob Tokar; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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