Spider-Woman 5 (March 2010)

In this five minutes of comic book reading–it took a little longer because I was actually expecting the crooked cop to be a Skrull–Bendis does it again. It’s one thing to bring back a c-list character who has a lot of fans and do a shitty job on her title, but to bring back a c-list character who you say you love and to do a shitty job on her title is another.

I mean, is Spider-Woman even c-list? She might be d-list, brought back by Bendis–to what end? First that awful Origin series, now this awful ongoing?

I just don’t get it. How can this series be so godawful? Bendis, more occasionally now than before, writes good stuff. What’s the point? He’d sell a lot more books if it were a new Wolverine title if he just wants to produce garbage.


Writer, Brian Michael Bendis; artist and colorist, Alex Maleev; letterers, Cory Petit and Virtual Caligraphy; editor, Lauren Sankovitch; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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