Beasts of Burden 2 (October 2009)

I certainly hope no one ever sells this issue to a kid. It’s–wow. Let’s see. It’s about a dog with two missing puppies. The team (do they have a team name?) investigates and ends up in the forest where they try calling the puppies spirits. That attempt works, but has the unintended side effect of loosing all these other spirits (of dead animals) who the team tries to protect themselves against.

Except the team members who are possessed by some of the spirits and run off and kill the teenage boy who’s been killing cats and dogs and dumping them out in this pond.

So you’ve got murder, vengeance, then the possessed team members (once unpossessed) filled with guilt and the other team members all messed up because they should have tried the spell in the first place.

It’s a heavy, heavy read.

Real glad I bought this series.


Chapter Two: Lost; writer, Evan Dorkin; artist and colorist, Jill Thompson; letterer, Jason Arthur; editors, Sierra Hahn, Freddye Lins and Scott Allie; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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