Aliens 3 (September 2009)

Ok, so, a little more information–there was an alien invasion of earth, which I kind of remember from the old Dark Horse comics. Old as in before AlienΒ³. Still, not sure what’s going on here. The android’s a weak lead, but there aren’t any other good options. The supporting cast is all weak too (they’re recovering from some kind of mind control).

The question Arcudi hasn’t answered yet is whether the android’s ship’s crew knew he was an android. Not sure why that question is so important to me, but it’s a definite necessity. There’s so little to the character, other than his physical presence, it’d give some context.

I don’t think I should be trying to figure out the ground situation in the third issue though.

Aliens is leaving a lot to be desired. They’re pretending it isn’t a relaunched series instead of celebrating.

One to go.


Writer, John Arcudi; penciller, Zach Howard; inkers, Mark Irwin and Howard; colorist, Wes Dzioba; letterer, Blambot!; editors, Samantha Robertson and Chris Warner; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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