The Incredible Hulk 312 (October 1985)

What a goofy comic book. It’s the Hulk’s origin again (I’m not sure if it’s the first time the abusive father has been included but I imagine Mantlo came up with the idea of Thunderbolt Ross destroying Bruce’s childhood stuffed animal). It’s the origin with Bruce’s father abusing him and murdering his mother (this issue is, as I understand it from cursory research, the first to include that retcon); it’s also an origin I don’t particularly like….

Overcomplicating the Hulk is always a mistake (just look at Ang Lee’s Hulk) and involving the Beyonder in a Secret Wars II crossover is lame, unless the Beyonder just fixes him.

Mignola’s artwork is more mainstream than I’m used to seeing from him but he does a good job of showing how awful everything is around Bruce.

It’s a depressing comic book and somewhat pointless.

The Hulk is best when he’s smashing something.


Monster; writer, Bill Mantlo; penciller, Mike Mignola; inker, Gerry Talaoc; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterer, Jim Novak; editors, Pat Blevins and Carl Potts; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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