Fantastic Four 282 (September 1985)

22148.jpgYou know, when John Byrne said Hispanic women with dyed hair looked like whores or whatever, I figured he knew how to draw Sue Storm to look like a chick instead of a John Byrne dude with a crappy haircut. I grew up on Man of Steel so I think I always gave Byrne a bit of the benefit of the doubt, but his work on this issue of Fantastic Four is terrible.

I mean, his figures and his action are fine, but his faces? Johnny Storm looks more like a kid than Franklin Richards. Franklin and the Power Pack (wow, if that doesn’t sound like a gay porno, what does?) appear to be dwarfs of approximately forty-years of age. It’s laughable. And Franklin hanging with a tough-looking My Little Pony? Whatever.

The writing’s way too expositional and the issue seems, well, “decompressed.”

The dialogue’s pretty lame too.


Inwards to Infinity!; writer and penciller, John Byrne; inker, Jerry Ordway; colorist, Glynis Oliver; letterer, John Workman; editors, Michael Higgins and Mike Carlin; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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  1. I can’t say I’m familiar with Byrne’s FF run, but it seems very “honored” within Marvel’s history. Whenever I glance through one of these older FF’s, Byrne’s work visually just seems too cluttered and you’re correct about the less than pretty faces. Or even different faces.

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